Tolerant Left: Rossie O’Donnel Promotes Trump Assassination Game on Twitter,Chokes POTUS on Website

The unending ocean of unicorn tears and rainbows which is the peaceful left, at least in their own view, strikes again, this time featuring the violent and overweight washed up actress Rosie O’Donnell. This lady we did not hear much about lately just made news on Wednesday when she promoted a Trump-Assassination-Game (yes folks, these things really exist in the progressive universe where we’re all happy and loving each other). Obviously, the Twitter game encourages players to guess what: kill the POTUS, of course. It’s for a good cause, law be damned.

This magnificent game is called (incidentally) Push Trump Off A Cliff Again, a wise crack at Donald Trump’s MAGA slogan.



Obviously, this so-called game inciting violence has sparked massive levels of outrage from the POTUS fan-base and crickets from the peace loving and liberal left wing media. However, this is not the first time Rosie O’Donnel shares heinous anti-Donald Trump content on her social media account. Last year, O’Donnel suggested via an online video that Trump’s son Barron (his youngest) is autistic. After a massive backlash, O’Donnel actually apologized to both Melania Trump and Barron.

rosie o'donnel trump barron

Rosie O’Donnel accused the POTUS of treason during a march/rally of sorts in March. And if you open her personal website, you’ll see this beautiful thing, a woman strangling the POTUS:

rosie o'donnel trump barron


I think Rosie needs to understand that what she is doing is sedition and if she does not know that, then the Secret Service needs to go have a long talk with her and explain that she can go to prison for this. I knew people like her hated America but as I have watched them act out their hatred, it is beyond anything I had imagined.

People keep saying that if President Trump cannot succeed in keeping all of his promises in spite of the unprecedented opposition from every area, then he will be impeached or at the very least lose in 2020. I can tell you that there is nothing that the communist, liberal, democrats can ever do that can convince me that they ever wanted to do anything but destroy America. I have never seen such full blown hatred for our country as they have displayed. Even our worst enemies in war held some respect for us in battle.

Rosie has no love or respect for our country or our people. I wish she would just go home but I can’t even imagine where home might be for a woman so corrupt and full of hate.

via USA Today