Top Missouri DEM Senator Calls for President Trump Assassination on Facebook

senator chapelle nadal kill trump

A top Missouri Democrat Senator called for the assassination of President Donald Trump in a Facebook comment earlier on Thursday. However, realizing what she has done, Maria Chappelle-Nadal deleted the comment in a panic, nor realizing that the internet never forgets.


What’s funny is that the Senator realized she will be visited by the US Secret Service for her comment, i.e. she did it on purpose knowing it was illegal and immoral, but let that go. Here’s the screenshot:

The report about the tolerant leftist Senator calling for the POTUS assassination arrived to us courtesy of  St. Louis Post-Dispatch . The Democratic Senator’s comment was so shocking, that even the mainstream media via  ABC News  reported it. The comment calling for President Trump’s assassination was put on Facebook on Thursday morning and has since been deleted. However, following the backlash, Chappelle-Nadal backtracked on her virtue signaling and told the paper that, let me quote:

“I didn’t mean what I put up. Absolutely not. I was very frustrated.Things have got to change.”

Democratic Senator Gina Walsh who is the Senate Democratic Caucus leader described the comments as unacceptable. Here’s a video with Nadal describing herself as a patriot after calling for the POTUS assasination:



 As a patriot, as someone who has had family members who have been in this military, including my grandfather who served in the Korean War and the Vietnam War, and I’m one of only a few who are not in the military today, I’m looking at this president and what he is saying and his rhetoric and he is causing mass chaos.

Senator Claire McCaskill called for Nadal to step down.

Let’s get this straight – Democrats and their lapdog mainstream media move to censure Donald Trump after he has condemned violence on both the part of the neo-Nazis/KKK and  BLM/Antifa, just because they agree with the violence perpetrated by BLM and Antifa.

‪”He is causing hate,” says the woman who just said she hoped Trump would be assassinated.‬

‪Classic tolerant left logic, or the lack thereof.