Top Republican Claims Donald Trump’s WH Chief of Staff Kelly Voted for Hillary (VIDEO)

john kelly voted hillary

According to Ed Rollins, who by the way is a hardcoreTrump supporter since the beginning and he played a significant role in the 2016 presidential election as a GOP campaign consultant for Trump Team, the current White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly voted for Hillary in the last election.

Ed Rollins made this extraordinary claim in a Lou Dobbs interview (you can see it below). The thing is, John Kelly was appointed WH Chief of Staff back in July as a replacement for Reince Priebus and according to various leaks, he is censoring/filtering Donald Trump’s news sources, whilst in the same time controlling his schedule and vetting who can (or cannot) visit with the POTUS.

It’s also very interesting to see how John Kelly reacted to the Donald’s epic address to the UN on Tuesday, as the picture with him covering his face during Trump’s speech made headlines:

kelly facepalm trump un speech

Here’s from the Lou Dobbs interview:

Ed Rollins: At least what I’ve heard from sources inside who know Kelly, he is an honorable man and a good general. He didn’t vote for him. He voted for Hillary. So I don’t think basically he is a Trump supporter or ideologically a Trump supporter.

Truth be told, I am not surprised, not a bit, as Kelly never struck me as a #maga guy nor a Trump supporter.  Sooner or later, President Trump should understand and address the fact that policy is made by staff/people, i.e. he will fail to promote and deliver/enforce his agenda/campaign promises if he’s surrounded by swamp creatures, i.e. Obama holdovers and people who are not loyal to him appointed in his administration’s positions of power.

Photo: Reuters