Top University in Ireland Bans the Word “Freshman” Due to Political Correctness

trinity college bans freshman

Speaking of political correctness and social justice, we just got word from Ireland’s top university that the word ‘Freshman’ is not allowed anymore in newspeak. Why, you may ask? Well, because it’s not inclusive enough, as in it contains the word man/men, which is abhorrent to feminists and trannies (and to the rest of the 5992 genders), hence it must be replaced with a gender neutral term. It’s really pretty logical, in a crazy sort of way.

Hence, from now on, Trinity College Dublin will use the word fresh instead of freshman to describe new students. Freshman is now banned, and in the near future, we can expect for all non gender neutral words to disappear from the dictionaries in the brave new world that’s creeping on us inch by inch, word by word.

The decision to throw the word freshman through the memory hole was made by Trinity College’s “Equality Committee” (it sounds very communistic if you ask me), and students received an email sent by Vice-Provost Chris Morash and Students’ Union President Kevin Keane which reads that the aforementioned committee just approved a plan to change, let me quote:

“the title given to first and second year undergraduates students from ‘Freshman’ to the gender-neutral term ‘Fresh’”.

Trinity College also introduced gender neutral toilets back in 2016 as a sign of the university’s commitment to gender equality or something along these lines. The email announcing the latest achievement for the social justice warriors world-wide was sent to Infowars by a student attending Trinity College. However, even if the word freshman is now too sensible for Irish students, this already happened in the United States, as many colleges here already eliminated that triggering word from official university documents since 2012. Why, you may ask? Well, that word is sexist and promotes rape, creating an unsafe environment for female students, see?

The question is, who would go to a school this stupid? By the way, the term mailman is also sexist. I demand it be changed to “femail”.

trinity college bans word freshman