Town Hall Rage as Angry Woman Chases Congressman on Highway

Screams, Strikes Vehicle

Wendi Wright

Being a politician is a relatively easy and well paid job with lots of perks, except from those weird moments when your constituents are losing it and starting chasing and threatening you. This is exactly what happened on Monday to Tennessee Congressman David Kustoff, when an angry woman from Weakely County was taken into custody after she reportedly followed David Kustoff and threatened him.

According to police reports, the Weakely County woman was identified as Wendi Wright and she’s accused of following the Congressman’s car down Highway 45 a few days ago, on Monday afternoon. Inside the car were an aide, Marianne Dunavant and Congressman David Kustoff Office: Representative (R-TN 8th District).

The woman followed the car after the Congressman left a UT Martin Campus town-hall meeting. Both David Kustoff and his aide said that they felt threatened and in clear and present danger, as their car was close to being forced off the road.

The Congressman’s car was pulled into the driveway of an acquaintance, with Wendi Wright reportedly running to the car and banging on the doors screaming, trying to reach inside. Wendi then blocked the car until police arrived at the scene following a 911 call, but she managed to run away. Interestingly enough, the woman posted about the respective incident on her personal Facebook account (that’s how she was identified), ending up being charged with felony reckless endangerment.

Wendi Wright is a 35 year old woman from Obion County and she’s scheduled to be arraigned in Weakly County General Sessions Court on May 15th.