‘Transsexual Woman Can’t Be Mother’ Rules German Court

One brief moment of sanity in Germany.

Transsexual Woman Can't Be Mother

A top-court in Germany ruled on Thursday that a ‘transsexual woman’ can only be registered as the child’s father, even if “her” frozen sperm was used to fertilize an ovum (egg). The German Federal Court’s ruling on Thursday rejected the ‘transsexual woman”s appeal against a lower court’s decision which prevented ‘her’ from being legally registered as the child’s mother. The ‘transsexual woman’ changed her sex back in 2012. Three years later, in 2015, ‘her’ partner gave birth to a child by using the plaintiff’s sperm.

The litigation begun after the registry office refused to list the ‘transsexual woman’ (the sperm donor) as the mother. The German Federal Court’s ruling reads:

“the transsexual person’s fundamental rights aren’t breached by the fact that existing ancestry law assigns her the legal status of parent according to her former sex and the specific contribution to procreation that resulted from this.”

The weird just keeps getting weirder. However,  the denial of reality does not alter truth, and it looks like the child’s right to reality trumps the father’s right to delusion. It’s too bad that judges in the U.S. don’t have enough common sense to rule in cases like this. I can’t imagine a child growing up in an insane situation. If the so-called parents don’t know who they are, what is the child to do?

When Germany is less PC than America, you know we’re in trouble.
PS: There is no such thing as a “transsexual woman.” It’s a man in drag (mental illness called sexual dysphoria).