Travel Ban: California Blocks State Travel to Texas, Alabama, Kentucky and South Dakota

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The incredibly progressive and multicultural California, the place where she’s still President, and I am talking about the state that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in 2016 just added four more states to its “travel ban” list, i.e. Alabama, South Dakota, Kentucky and Texas. The four are joining the “list of shame” alongside North Carolina, Kansas, Tennessee and Mississippi.

The travel ban refers to restricting publicly funded travel to eight states so far, states which are not so progressive as the Golden State, as they have laws regarded as discriminatory against gays and transgenders, at least in California’s leaders views. During a press conference on Thursday,  Xavier Becerra (California’s Attorney) announced the 4 new states entering the travel ban list during a press conference attended by representatives from Equality California and ACLU Northern California. He was quoted as saying:

We will not spend taxpayer dollars in states that discriminate,

Last year, California’s legislators voted to halt state funded travel to states which allow for people to choose freely to whom they associated with, as per the Constitution, i.e. those who are actually allowing businesses to deny services to gays and transgenders based on religious beliefs. The thing is, religious orders and religious individuals are not going to change for Hollywood. In this nation religious freedom is first on our list.

What can we say? Congratulations to Kansas, North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.  44 states to go and we can build that wall around California.

Apparently trips to Communist China, where Jerry Brown and his entourage traveled last month at taxpayer expense are less “offensive” despite the abysmal Chinese record of human rights abuses and their affinity for state censorship. Furthermore, the California AG filed suit to block the proposed temporary White House ban on immigration from several predominantly Muslim countries considered hotbeds of jihadist activity, then California implements its own travel ban to states that are supplying soldiers, sailors, and airmen to fight the war on terror.

Photo Chuck Liddy AP