Trudeau Praises Trump During News Conference in France: “Gets Things Done”

PM Trudeau Tries to Calm Trump Fears in the EU

Canada’s Prime Minister and former substitute drama teacher Justin Trudeau praised President Donald Trump on Thursday, as he was speaking at a press conference in Strasbourg, France.

Trudeau said that he was impressed with President Trump during his official meeting at the White House, and truth be told, he sounded like a true “deplorable” from The Donald’s administration.

That’s the Trump Effect ladies and gents, but joke aside, to know him is to love him, despite what the mainstream media is telling you. Let’s quote Trudeau himself:

“What I saw from the American president was a focus on getting things done for the people who supported him and who believe in him, while demonstrating that good relations with one’s neighbors is a great way of getting things done,”

Canada’s Prime Minister was joined by Antonio Tajani, the president of the European Parliament, who basically echoed Trudeau’s words of reassurance and said that Canada can play the role of an intermediary between the European Union and the United States:

“We want to work with the Americans. Over the next years, the Canadian work is very good for relations between us and America. It’s easier for the Canadians to speak to the Americans.”

Justin Trudeau detailed his meeting with President Trump on Monday, revealing how they both share the same goals and have a lot of things in common with regard to the middle class.

Trudeau is the first Canadian prime minister to address the European Parliament and he arrived in Strasbourg just a day after the CETA got ratified on Wednesday. CETA stands for Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement and Trudeau said about this trade agreement that it may be one of the last of its kind if it fails to satisfy all parties:

“The European Union is a truly remarkable achievement, and an unprecedented model for peaceful co-operation. Canada knows that an effective European voice on the global stage isn’t just preferable — it’s essential.

If we are successful, CETA will become the blueprint for all ambitious, future trade deals. If we are not, this could well be one of the last.”


Source: CTV News

Photo: Twitter