Trump Admin Sues California and the State’s Response Was The Definition Of Pathetic

Trump Is Suing The Pants Off California, And The State's Response Was The Definition Of Pathetic

President Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions broke the news on Tuesday that the DOJ is suing the state of California. The reason? Well, if you were paying attention to what happened since Trump’s election, California basically seceded from the Union, and I am not mincing words here, as the state is in open rebellion and continually refusing to enforce Federal immigration law via its shielding of illegal aliens through the use of sanctuary jurisdictions. The Department of Justice lawsuit argues that California is violating the US Constitution, and it named California, state Attorney General Xavier Becerra, and Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown as co-defendants.

Governor Moonbeam Brown tweeted on Tuesday night:

And here’s California’s AG Becerra reaction:

On Wednesday, Governor Jerry Brown slammed AG Sessions for what he described to be the initiation of a reign of terror:

This is basically going to war against the state of California, the engine of the American economy,It’s not wise, it’s not right and it will not stand.”

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. One may ask, how is suing the state of California ,in court, a war?
Leftists are always such drama queens. The war is already lost, they are just to stupid to see it. Remember when Arizona tried to enforce immigration law because the Obama administration refused to? Obama sued Arizona and the state lost in a SCOTUS decision that the Feds are the law of the land, not the state, when it comes to immigration issue. I think it was SB-1070. So there is no way they can win.

The truth is, at least three members of Congress from California are based on illegal aliens as a function of population. We need to find out who’s a citizen and who’s not. Also, it’s true that the federal government cannot compel state governments to use their law enforcement assets and they cannot commandeer state or local police forces. However the federal government is the sole preserve of immigration law and the states must obey said law. States must enforce and obey federal laws. We fought a civil war over this very issue. The matter is settled.