Trump Asks “What Are They Trying To Hide” as 29 States Refuse To Give Data To Voter Fraud Panel

voter fraud

President Trump went on to Twitter and blasted the  29 states (both red and blue) refusing to comply with the request from the election fraud commission. The respective commission is asking for detailed  data in order to investigate the alleged voter fraud which may have occurred during the 2016 election cycle.



The Donald put together last week the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity which was created with the sole purpose of investigating the POTUS’ claim about the millions of illegal immigrants voting in the 2016 presidential election. A letter was sent to all fifty states, asking them to provide the commission with comprehensive data regarding the names, the last 4 digits of SSNs, birth dates, addresses, felony convictions, political affiliations and voting histories.

Keep in mind, the information required by the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is mostly public data available in all 50 states under local laws. Some states complied immediately with the commission’s request, while others voiced their opposition and immediately raised concerns, claiming that the investigation is unnecessary (?) and it violates citizens privacy, though it’s not very clear how sharing public data constitutes a violation of privacy.

Some Democrats, like the Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf accused the Trump investigation of trying to suppress the vote.



New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement:

New York refuses to perpetuate the myth voter fraud played a role in our election,”

Ohio’s Secretary of State also claimed that:

Voter fraud happens, it’s rare and when it happens we hold people accountable. I believe that as the Commission does its work, it will find the same about our state.”

However, despite all this moral posturing and sheer hypocrisy, the data which is claimed to be private if asked by Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity  is basically for sale in many states, like California for example, where it can be purchased for purposes like journalistic/scholarly research, also for use in politics and elections.

Bottom line: Trump claimed there was voter fraud and there were millions of illegal votes; both the media and Democrats denied voter fraud exists and said prove it. Next, President Trump creates a commission to investigate voter fraud and now the same people that asked Trump to prove it are now obstructing the I have this right?

Photo by Charles Mostoller/Reuters