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The 45th US President Donald Trump was quoted as saying on Wednesday: “All along, I’ve been proven to be right, 100% correct”,in the aftermath of the latest terrorist attacks in Germany and Turkey.

Donald Trump reiterated his plans with regard to an extreme vetting of Muslims trying to immigrate into the United States, saying he’s not intending to reevaluate them:

“You know my plans. All along, I’ve been proven to be right. 100% correct. What’s happening is disgraceful”

This was Donald Trump’s answer when he was asked by reporters if the recent Islamic terrorist attacks changed his mind about the proposed “Muslim ban”. The Donald said about the Berlin terror-truck attack:

“That’s what it is: an attack on humanity.And it’s got to be stopped.”

Also, Trump said that he hadn’t spoken with Barack Obama about the last terror attacks in Germany and Turkey. In his initial statement about Monday’s Christmas Market carnage, Trump decried the horrific and mindless attacks on civilians by what he calls global jihad:

“Innocent civilians were murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate the Christmas holiday. ISIS and other Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad.”


Meanwhile, both Europe and the US are bracing for potential terrorist attacks during the Christmas season, with experts issuing travel-warnings for tourists heading/traveling to/through Europe. According to Holiday Travel Watch expert Frank Brehany, terrorism is not a matter to be taken lightly:


“Pre-Christmas breaks to European Christmas Markets are popular with British holidaymakers and I hope lessons have been learnt and destinations are offering zoning protection for their visitors.

Instead of simply offering the mantra that ‘we must not give in to terror’, consumers want to hear very clearly of the steps being taken to protect their safety.

I would suggest the solutions of years past may not be up to the task and therefore the authorities, in whichever country, and in whatever area of travel, will have to take radical and overt steps to demonstrate security, not only to raise consumer confidence but to also bring confidence back to a damaged industry.”


Another warning to travelers in the EU was issued on Monday by the US Department of State, announcing them that there’s an increased risk of terrorist attacks throughout the Old Continent, especially during the holiday season:

US citizens should exercise caution at holiday festivals, events and outdoor markets.


In the wake of the Berlin Islamic terror attack, US police departments were making a show of force at selected locations, i.e. where big crowds are usually gathering for Christmas. The NYPD dispatched their counter-terrorism officers to stand and guard the city’s iconic Christmas markets, the likes of Bryant Park, Union Square and Columbus Circle in what mayor De Blasio called “a very sad reality”.

In Germany, protests erupted outside Angela Merkel’s office, calling for her resignation and accusing her of having blood on her hands. A Tunisian man is now wanted as the main suspect in the deadly terrorist truck attack in the Berlin Christmas Market. Anis Amri has been under German police surveillance for months and he was close to being deported earlier in 2016, but he somehow dodged deportation.

Anis Amri is 21 or 23 years old and he’s a convicted criminal, as he served a jail sentence in Italy for an arson felony, among other instances criminal behavior, yet he was allowed to enter Germany as a refugee. ISIS’s Amaq news agency says that a soldier of the Islamic State carried out the Berlin terrorist attack. The suspect is still at large and he’s considered armed and extremely dangerous.


Source: Time, Express, AP, Telegraph