Trump Blasts Sanctimonious James Comey and Andrew McCabe in Twitter-storm

Trump Blasts Sanctimonious James Comey and Andrew McCabe in Twitter-storm

How many lies? How many leaks? That’s the question the POTUS asked on Twitter on Saturday, in the aftermath of Jeff Session’s Department of Justice’s decision to oust Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe on Friday, just a couple of days from his retirement (he lost all benefits by the way). President Trump accused McCabe of lying and leaking to the media, reminding the American public that the latter’s wife received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Terry McAuliffe, “Crooked” Hillary Clinton’s friend:


Trump’s Twitter-storm triggered former FBI Director James Comey, who replied:


Comey Is quixotic at a cellular level. He keeps swinging away at representative government with his rusty old sword of Communist repression and never makes a dent. The truly sad thing is that there are actually people out there who would sacrifice their middle class standing, heritage, and birthright by supporting this 19th century Don Quixote wanna-be.

How many lies? How many leaks? The American public will hopefully find out in the near future. Mueller’s investigation needs to end, especially since he needs to be investigated for his role in actual criminal acts. After everything comes out, Obama will have his legacy, all right. It will be that he was the kingpin of the most corrupt presidential administration in US history. Yet he boasts that his administration was “scandal free.” Nope. It was accountability free. It’s time for the whole bunch of them to finally face the accountability they so much deserve.

Comey makes J. Edgar Hoover look like the picture of sanity and virtue. He set the standard for the FBI as a political tool and not a law enforcement agency. McCabe fell right in line just like Comey fell in line with what Obama wanted. Comey doesn’t have long now. Judicial Watch just got lots on him using FOIA. Tom Fitton put out a video on it (tweeted) this morning.