Trump Boycott Organizers are Striving to Create a National Movement

Organizers do not have a common list on which of the Trump products to boycott


Two weeks after the US Presidential election, people across the US are still reeling from the shock result. Most of the people did not expect the result, and the polls clearly got this one wrong. However, not everyone is ready to settle with the result that they received during the election and many protests have sprung up across the country as people oppose the win of Donald Trump.

Many people feel Trump doesn’t represent their values and ethos, but rather is more lenient to the white supremacists and therefore protesters have initiated a boycott of all businesses and products which are affiliated with the president elect.

However, as they plan their boycott, questions have come up for the people for which criteria they use to classify a product or entity as affiliated to Trump. The organizers of the boycott said that they hoped to have a national movement, and there would be at least a general consensus of what falls under Trump products and which one’s didn’t. In the end, the fight and protests against Trump tend to look sundry and unorganized and therefore lacking any credibility.

One of the initial protesters and founder to the #GrabYourWallet campaign, Shannon Coulter, has been targeting all retailers who sell products affiliated with the Trump brand including Ivanka, Donald’s daughter. For Ivanka, she has been criticized for politicizing her brand as she continued to follow and support her father on the campaign trail. However, she has come out saying that it was never her intention to politicize her brand.

Coulter noted that she was a notable Nordstrom customer before but after the election she has not shopped there in a long time. However, she also noted that she was facing problems with leaving the Amazon brand. She claims that she watches movies from Amazon all the time, always has some stuff delivered to her house from the company all the time and at the same time was also thinking of buying a new Amazon Echo speaker.

However, she had finally managed to stop using Amazon products and urged more and more people to hold the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, accountable for his opposition to Trump. Coulter said that for Bezos talk was cheap because he had mentioned several times how he despised Trump but still continued to sell products related to the Trump brand.

There was no immediate response from the Trump team when asked for comment, something understandable given the task of leasing the country supposedly the most powerful on earth.

Coulter also managed to compile a list of products which she says people can use as an alternative and also another list which has dropped all products Trump affiliated. Indirectly or directly due to her campaign, at least five stores have stopped selling Donald Trump related products and these companies are, Wayfair, Zulily, Rue La La, and interior décor firm, Bellacor.

Other companies which Coulter has listed as possible boycotts include People magazine which she says is now normalizing Trump and New Balance, one company which has both been against and for some of Trump’s policies.

Other companies including Home Depot and PayPal did not have to worry because even though their former board members and founders had endorsed Trump in the run up to the election or after the election.

PayPal is also said to have been saved because many of the small companies in the US rely on the payment method offered by the company to conduct their business. The Washington Post, a paper under Jeff Bezos is also under consideration for a boycott because of its owner, Jeff Bezos.