Trump Effect: US GDP to Debt Ratio Drops for the First Time in 50 Years

Trump Effect: US GDP to Debt Ratio Drops for the First Time in 50 Years

President Trump is one year in office and many unexpected things already happened, as he kept most of his campaign promises, which is unheard of from a politician. However, take a look at this news story that will never be reported by mainstream media outlets. The US GDP to debt ratio dropped for the first time in half a century under Trump!

The ratio between a country’s debt and its gross domestic product serves as an indicator for the respective’s country economy. The higher the ratio, the less healthy the economy is. According to US gross domestic product numbers released a couple of days ago, due to President Trump’s deregulation/tax cuts/magic or whatever, the debt to GDP ratio dropped by 1,2 percent during his first year in office. If you don’t think that’s something to brag about, consider it a once-in-half-a-century occurrence, as the last POTUS to see a drop in the GDP/debt ratio was Nixon back in 1969.

Barack Obama saw a 14,5 percent increase in the GDP/debt ratio during his first year in office and an overall 37% increase over his two terms. Since inauguration day, President Trump focused on the prosperity of the economy (deregulation, tax cuts etc) and border security/the overall security of the country, with the results now taking shape. Due to the fact that the US gross domestic product has increased last year each quarter, with the 2017 Q4 GDP reaching  $19.739 trillion , which makes for the highest GDP in world history, the GDP/debt ratio decreased from 105% to 104%. That’s also due to the fact that the Donald curtailed US spending.

After one year in office, President Trump saw jobs at all time highs, the stock market at all time highs and the US debt to GDP ratio starting to decrease. And we’re just getting started.

How will the MSM spin these numbers against the POTUS? Well, here’s a hint:

Typical responses to President Trump news.

Item 1: Trump wins the Presidency!

Leftists: Russians!

Item 2: Lowest black unemployment level in decades!

Leftists: White supremacist!!

Item 3: Highest GDP in decades!

Leftists: Danger to mankind!

Item 4: Tax cuts.

Leftists: Racist!

Item 5: Slashing regulations.

Leftists: He’s going to allow global warming to kill us all!

Are you noticing a pattern here?