Trump Inauguration Breaks Washington Norms



Just like his campaign, Donald J. Trump’s official inauguration broke Washington’s norms. Together with being the shortest inaugural discourse in recent history, Trump delivered a very strong yet condensed message, calling for unity and basically declaring open war against the DC establishment.

It all begun with “Bikers for Trump” roaring into the nation’s capital. It was epic. Prior to the inauguration, Hillary’s deplorables hosted an event called the Deploraball. Thousands of red blooded Americans poured on the National Mall’s grassy expanse and despite the rainy weather and the leftist protesters, nothing was able to dampen the spirits of Trump supporters.

When Hillary Clinton showed up with her husband, former President Bill Clinton for the swearing in ceremony, people in the crowd chanted “Lock her up”, just like during Trump’s campaign rallies. Senate minority leader’s speech was interrupted by folks chanting “Trump, Trump”!.

Trump’s inaugural speech can be best described as a call for national pride and unity and a sign of true change, which must begin with the demolishing of the actual establishment. Trump lived by his name, delivering a short yet powerful speech, critical of both parties, politically incorrect, amped up, wildly ambitious, strongly delivered and biting, vintage Trump on short.

All the talking heads on the lobotomy box (television) who believed that The Donald will change his discourse once in office were proven dead wrong again. Trump described his world view in a Spartan manner, using the least amount of words possible yet the message was crystal clear. He criticized heavily the Post Cold War system and described how the US diminished its power and influence in favor of foreigners and an international oligarchy composed of financial elites and wealthy politicians.

Washington stopped serving the people’s interests decades ago said Trump but that ends here and now.

Trump’s America Great Again policy will turn the country’s focus inward, on education, domestic stability, infrastructure and (crowd cheering) JOBS. Oh, yeah, and radical Islamic terrorism will be exterminated, done, over with.

Donald’s discourse rejected the liberal mantra of identity politics, as ethnic identities and race are not as important as being an American citizen (we all bleed red as he put it), marking a return to the “melting pot” of America instead of left’s multiculturalism which failed miserably.

“When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.”

In Trump’s view, there are only Americans and outsiders and only Americans must be privileged, which is a truism of sorts, but not during Obama’s reign, a reign that started with the inaugural declaration “a world without walls”. What a stark contrast!

Trump’s inaugural address can be condensed in: populist, nationalist and ready to fight. Well, he better be, because the establishment will fight him tooth and nail to stay relevant.