Trump Inauguration To Be Protected by 5,000 National Guard

Michael Moore Calls For “100 Days Of Resistance” Against Trump


With Michael Moore calling for 100 days of resistance against Trump and anarchist groups threatening to shut down his swearing-in as the United States 45th president, 5000 National Guard were deployed at inauguration.

It looks like Michael Moore, who is the archetypal liberal mouthpiece, just won’t let it go, as he made news recently calling for massive protests at Trump’s inauguration and one hundred days of protest during his first 100 days in office.

Obviously, this is not the first time Michael Moore makes news, as he previously pushed for a national campaign (failed, obviously) aimed at overturning the Electoral College.

Moore appeared on MSNBC’s Last Word saying that, let me quote:

“Trump gets upset if there’s 10 people outside Trump Tower…. What’s he going to think if there’s 100,000 or 500,000 (at inauguration). It’s important that everybody go there. This will have an effect. We have to throw everything at this. This man is slightly unhinged, if I can say that, and he’s a malignant narcissist. He’s going to be very upset if there’s a lot of people there.”


Michael Moore added that he’s going to be very busy fighting president elect Donald Trump, but it’s not very clear why at this point. It seems to be just the principle of the thing, who knows?

He said he’ll be in DC for the women’s march on January 21st, which is claimed to be the biggest anti Trump demonstration around the inauguration, starting in front of the US Capitol, at the Independence Avenue and 3rd street NW. The march is supposed to signal The Donald a “bold message” that women’s rights are women’s rights, again, stating the obvious, as I can’t recall Donald Trump being against women’s rights or gay rights or whatever.

Reuters reports that anarchist groups and numerous activist organizations will also be there  for stirring trouble at Trump’s swear-in, with the DC police expecting about 900,000 people flooding the country’s capital for the inauguration ceremony.

Protests were announced during and after Trump’s inauguration ceremony, and in preparation for the respective protests/violence, 5000 National Guard troops, 3000 police officers from outside DC and federal agents will be there enforcing the law.



Source: Reuters