Trump is the Destroyer of all ‘Western Values’, Schulz Says

The row between Germany’s leadership and Trump intensifies

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German Chancellor’s Angela Merkel statement on Sunday that Europe should be ready to pursue its own path, indicated her discontent with U.S. President Donald Trump. Merkel also said that Europe should no longer rely on the U.S. and UK.

“We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands,” she added.

Following the surprises of Brexit and Trump’s election victory, it Germany’s position as the pillar of the EU has become more apparent than ever.

The German media and political establishment made no secret that they consider Trump unreliable, and even dangerous. Trump and Merkel met in the White House, but their meeting was highly awkward. Trump also used the recent NATO summit in Brussels to repeat his criticism of Germany and other NATO member over their defense spending.

He made it even more apparent in a recent Tweet:

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel tried to play down on the recent tension between the two countries. “The United States are older and bigger than the current conflict,” he said, adding that relations would improve. “It is inappropriate that we are now communicating with each other between a beer tent and Twitter,” he said in Berlin.

At a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Merkel stressed out the importance of trans-atlantic partnership and good relations with United States.

However, the leader of Social Democrats and Merkel’s main opponent in September’s Federal election, said Trump was “the destroyer of all Western values”. He said that the U.S. President is undermining peaceful cooperation between the two countries.

The White House spokesman Sean Spicer said that Trump and Merkel ‘get along very well’.

“They get along very well. He has a lot of respect for her. … And he views not just Germany but the rest of Europe as an important American ally”, he said.

However, the messages from both sides are more than clear, Europe is worried about Trump, and the U.S. President is not particularly happy with his European allies.