Trump Lawyer: The POTUS IS NOT Under Investigation

trump lawyer

President Trump’s hilarious tweet on Friday, in which he trolled special counselor Rod Rosenstein over his peculiar behavior, was considered by many pundits in the Never-Trump corporate mainstream media as a confirmation that the POTUS is under investigation and the impeachment proceedings are just around the corner. The famous tweet reads:



Actually, Jeff Bezos’ blog also known as the Washington Post claimed last week that President Trump is currently investigated by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller for his alleged obstruction of justice. However, came Sunday and The Donald’s personal attorney (that’s basically a lawyer, but more expensive) Jay Sekulow explained to the MSM the fact that President’s tweets were not an admission of guilt but pure truth bombing via sarcasm,  a fact which seemed completely incomprehensible for the corporate never-Trumpers.

Trump’s tweet was just pointing out how ridiculous the substance of the leak was, not confirming that he is under any kind of investigation. The left wing mental midgets never learn. They always take everything Trump says in the most simplistic and literal way possible and can’t figure out that’s how he gets them to play right into his hands. So stupid. The MSM thinks the people are as stupid as they are.

Jay Sekulow grilled  NBC’s host  Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, telling him there’s no way the POTUS is being investigated by the so called special counsel regarding the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election cycle. And imagine our shock to find out that the 5 anonymous sources which were supposedly leaking the information to the Washington Post were nothing more than fake news at its best, as usual. Chuck Todd insisted and asked Trump’s lawyer:

“if the president is innocent, why is he afraid of this investigation?

Jay Sekulow owned him:

“he’s not afraid of the investigation. There is no investigation.”

Watch the clip for yourself and see the fake news mainstream media in all its splendor getting grilled:

Let’s remember how the DOJ itself warned the American people to not take anonymous stories pedaled by the left MSM seriously. The POTUS tweeted earlier on Sunday: