Trump Lifts Up Liberty

donald trump maga

President Donald Trump delivered an inspirational speech in front of a very friendly crowd on Saturday at the US’ biggest Christian university. The Donald made history while speaking truth to power in front of the graduating class, but let me quote the man’s epic words:

“When the pilgrims landed at Plymouth, they prayed. When the founders wrote the Declaration of Independence, they invoked our creator four times. Because in America, we don’t worship government, we worship God.”

“It is why our currency proudly declares, ‘In God We Trust. And it is why we proudly proclaim that we are one nation, under God, every time we say the Pledge of Allegiance.”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard a POTUS saying loud and clear, without the slightest hint of political correctness that America is a Christian country and that we must put our faith in God almighty and not in the US Gummint‘, isn’t it?

President Trump emphasized that worshiping the Christian God is, let me quote again:

why our elected officials put their hands on the Bible and say ‘so help me God’ as they take the oath of office.

This fundamental speech with regard to Donald Trump’s personal values and beliefs was made in the campus of Liberty University and it marks the POTUS’ 1st commencement address since his official inauguration on January 20th. Prior to his address, President Trump told the press that he’s thinking about his next pick for FBI director and his decision will be made as soon as next Friday. All these came in the aftermath of  The Donald firing James  Comey, a move that made headlines all week.

As a funny factoid, Liberty University graduates wore MAGA hats during the President’s speech. Donald Trump was awarded a Doctorate of Law on Saturday during the ceremony.







It was truly a wonderful speech. I loved it when he said that we don’t need a ‘lecture from Washington’ on how to live. I believe that God was smiling down on that university today!

The president can’t eat ice cream in DC without being criticized .. and yet everywhere he goes outside of the swamp he’s greeted with great affection.

Maybe it’s time to make Mar-a-Lago the new Southern White House and use the one in DC only when necessary.