Trump Loses Support from Top Immigration Group Citing Betrayal on Campaign Promises


Well, the love fest didn’t last very long, as today we got word about a top immigration group pulling their endorsement of President Trump citing his betrayal on campaign promises. And that’s easy to understand and even to resonate with, considering what legislation House Republicans led by House Speaker RINO Paul Ryan are going to pass this week.

Obviously, I am referring to the lack of funding for Trump’s big beautiful wall which is missing in action, as Ryan’s new budget restricts completely all funding for the border wall. However, the same budget increases military spending, funds Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities and so on and so forth. Basically, it’s just like Hillary won the election. Besides rhetoric, there’s nothing to write home about.

Hence, after a lot of broken promises and 180s performed by The Donald (let’s remember the very recent I am a nationalist and a globalist quote for a moment, or the bombing of Syria, not to mention  the almost imminent war with North Korea of all countries after a convincing campaign rhetoric slamming America’s stupid foreign entanglements and so forth and so on), ALIPAC finally withdrew its support/endorsement of President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

Some may argue that President Trump is surrounded by enemies and he has been betrayed by his own party, the whole establishment is against him etc. Yes, we can blame Paul Ryan, the RINOs, the Democrats and whoever else grinds your gears, but the bottom line is this: Donald Trump was voted into office to do a certain job and he’s the only one who can veto Ryan’s budget.

And now it looks like he has no intention to do it, from a lack of inner strength, or because he’s being co-opted by the powers that be, or who knows? Maybe it was all a game from the beginning and the American people were duped yet again by a fake conservative, something along the lines of a conservative “hope and change” candidate. Time will tell soon.

Source  ALIPAC