Donald Trump had a political love fest at the White House on Friday, as he basically grabbed (pun intended) UK’s prime minister Theresa May by the hand in an attempt of making UK great again, declaring that “great days lie ahead” and revealing his upcoming date with the Queen later this year.

I am only kidding but you must remember the famous “grab’em by the hand” remark of The Donald which was obsessively pedaled by the US mainstream-media during the election campaign.

Getting back to business, UK’s prime minister sealed her new alliance with Donald Trump via a firm handshake promptly recorded by the press and afterwards, the 2 leaders held a joint press conference followed by a working launch, in good American tradition.

According to Theresa May’s own words, sometimes opposites attract and that’s pretty interesting considering that after the Brexit, Britain hopes to have a closer relationship with the US, which is their historical friend and ally.

After a photo-shooting session near Winston Churchill’s bust in Trump’s office, the couple was later spotted walking hand in hand on their way to the press conference.


During the press conference, a BBC reporter threw a difficult question to Donald Trump about the President’s unorthodox statements/views about abortion,torture, Russia and Muslims, prompting The Donald to tease Theresa May saying that :

‘This was your choice of a question.’

‘There goes that relationship,’

Theresa May reiterated her confidence about building an even stronger relationship with the US, while Trump said that they’d had very productive and interesting talks and “we’re going to get along very well”, end quote.

Trump confirmed he’s 100% behind NATO while Theresa agreed to continue her efforts to encourage EU member countries to make good on their pledge to spending 2 percent of their GDP on defense.

“We are going to have a fantastic relationship.”

added President Donald Trump, promising to deliver a big trade deal with Britain for boosting the country’s post Brexit hopes, calling UK’s divorce from the European Union a blessing to the world.


Source: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: New York Times