Trump: Merkel Made a ‘Catastrophic Mistake’

He also predicted that more countries would follow suit (Brexit).

Courtesy: The Times

Mr. Trump said in a recent interview with The Times that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel made “one very catastrophic mistake’ when she admitted more than 1m migrants.

He said that the EU had become a vehicle for Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel was Europe’s most influential leader.

Mr. Trump was supplying details of his foreign policy goals to German and British newspapers. He said that he wanted fairer trade deals and strong borders for the U.S. He stated that the U.S. should address its trade deficits with the rest of the world, especially China. He revealed that his administration would focus on smart trade, rather than free trade.

On asked about a possible deal with Russia, Mr. Trump said that “substantial reduction” of nuclear weapons should be part of the deal in return for the lifting of U.S. sanctions.

He was extremely critical of the 2003 Iraq invasion, calling it possibly the worst decision in the history of the country. He stated that safe zones should have been created within Syria and paid for by the U.S’ Gulf allies.

Mr. Trump also spoke about Brexit, saying that it was a great decision, and the UK was doing great. He also said that he would invite Theresa May to visit him soon after he takes the White House and will secure a trade agreement quickly to make Brexit a great thing.

While explaining Brexit, he reasoned that countries want their own identity and Britain has done just that. He also predicted that more countries would follow suit.

“I think people want… their own identity, so if you ask me… I believe others will leave.”

During the interview, which took place in Mr. Trump’s offices in Trump Towers, New York, Mr. Trump said that Mrs. Merkel was “by far the most important European leader.”

“If you look at the European Union, it’s Germany – It’s basically a vehicle for Germany. I think she [Mrs. Merkel] made one very catastrophic mistake, and that was taking all of these illegals.

The President-elect linked the migrant issue with UK referendum to leave the EU. He explained that the European countries were forced to take in migrants with all of their problems, which eventually resulted in UK voting out of the EU. He added that it could have worked, but it was the “final straw that broke camel’s back.”

He said that he would start off by trusting both the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chancellor Angela Merkel after taking office, but added that he would “see how long it lasts.”

When he turned to international security, he reminded that he had said a very long time ago that NATO had problems. He highlighted two problems; that NATO was obsolete as it was designed many many years ago and second that the countries need to pay more than they’re currently paying. He claimed that only five countries were paying what they ought to into the NATO budget. After highlighting the issues, he also reminded that NATO was really important to him.