Trump Plans to Meet Putin in His First Foreign Trip as POTUS

Trump and Putin summit in Reykjavik?


Just like Ronald Reagan, who will always be remembered as the US President who made a deal with  Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavik thus ending the Cold War eventually and leading to the final demise of the Empire of Evil (that’s Soviet Russia for millennials), Donald Trump is planning to meet devil incarnate Vladimir Putin, Russia’s current president during his first foreign trip as President.

Some say that The Donald is emulating Donald Reagan’s example, and that’s OK considering that imitation is the highest form of flattery. It’s also very true that the US-Russia diplomatic relations are in very bad shape, actually in the worst shape since the end of the Cold War and that’s something that Trump promised to remedy as soon as possible once he gets into office.

British officials were told by Donald Trump and/or his team about his plans of meeting Vladimir Putin in his first foreign trip in Iceland’s capital most probably, in a kind of homage to what happened in the exact same place thirty years ago between the world’s superpowers.

According to the Sunday Times, Trump’s meeting with Putin will occur shortly after the official inauguration ceremony on January 20th, whilst Trump team announced that it’s shunning the globalist meeting at Davos in an unprecedented move. Davos is the place where the global financial elite is meeting annually and Trump said that sending an official representative there would make for a betrayal of populism (the Nemesis of globalism), which helped The Donald to win the election.

However, Donald Trump has no hesitations regarding an official (yet highly controversial) meeting with the Russian President and according to sources close to the Russian Embassy in London, Moscow doesn’t have a problem with that either.

It’s worth remembering how Trump was accused by Hillary Clinton as being Kremlin’s puppet and also that he was helped to win the elections by Russia’s government. A meeting with Putin as his first international foreign trip as President of the United States makes for the ultimate trolling of the DEMs/liberal media in my view, along with resetting Western relations with Russia.

Just like Reagan back in the day, Donald Trump will discuss with Vladimir Putin about nuclear disarmament. Also, Trump said in an interview on Friday for the WSJ  that he’s open to lifting the economic sanctions against Russia at some point in the future, depending on how well Russia will assist with achieving various goals which are in the interest of the United States, among them being the fight against terrorism.


Source: Sunday Times