Trump Prepares To Drastically Reduce America’s Involvement in the UN

Globalism’s Last Days Here?

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The New York Time reports that President Donald Trump’s administration is working on a set of executive actions which are aimed at drastically reducing the United States role in international (read globalist) organizations such as the United Nations.

Trump’s latest move is hardly a surprise for people who took him seriously during his campaign, as The Donald said repeatedly that he wants to put America first and also that he doesn’t like what’s happening with US tax payers dollars funding foreign countries and getting nothing in return.

The new set of executive orders will further isolate the United States from the globalist network so to speak and it will allow the US to drastically reduce its role/involvement (financing in not so many words) in the United Nations, along with other globalist/internationalist organizations.

Trump administration officials described a process that will review and eventually abolish some forms of multi-lateral treaties. Basically, Donald Trump want to decrease US taxpayer funding toward globalist organizations by at least forty percent.

The first executive order (draft) is dubbed “Auditing and Reducing U.S. Funding of International Organizations” and it basically calls for canceling the funding for any international body/UN agency that doesn’t meet certain requirements. It’s not yet very clear if NATO is among the targeted international organizations.

Among those requirements, funding will be terminated for organizations that offer full membership to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) or the Palestinian Authority or for those who support programs aimed at circumventing sanctions against North Korea and Iran.

The United Nations is among the most targeted agencies. Currently the US is funding approximately 25% of UN’s peacekeeping operations to the tune of billions of dollars annually.

The second executive order is called “Moratorium on New Multilateral Treaties” and it basically calls for a full review of all current/pending treaties which involve more than one nation, whilst asking for recommendations with regard of which ones the US should leave.

Source: NYT