Napolitano on 9th Circuit ruling: ‘Intellectually dishonest’

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President Donald Trump announced earlier on Friday morning that he intends to take action very quickly to protect the United States and its citizens in the aftermath of San Francisco’s Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit decision to keep his travel ban on hold.

However, President Trump did not provide any details with regard to his future steps for controlling travel in the United States from terror prone countries.

During a press conference with Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe, President Donald Trump was quoted as saying:

“We’ll be doing things to continue to make our country safe. It will happen rapidly. We will not allow people into our country who are looking to do harm to our people.”


The mainstream media outlets were speculating earlier this morning that President Trump’s administration is planning to making modifications to the already infamous executive order which temporarily restricts immigration from 7 Middle Eastern countries along with halting the refugee admission program in the United States altogether.

Thursday’s ruling amounted to a highly politicized 26 pages from a three judge panel, yet Donald Trump’s tone on Friday was somewhat less defiant than expected.

After Thursday’s tweet about the San Fran judges decision as being disgraceful and vowing to fight them tooth and nail to reinstating the travel ban, President Trump said on Friday:

We are going to keep our country safe. We are going to do whatever’s necessary to keep our country safe; ultimately, I have no doubt we will win that particular case.

The White House has the option to appeal the decision further to the Supreme Court or, more likely, to modify the executive order or to issue a new one that will explicitly omit green card holders from the travel-ban for mitigating future legal challenges.

For the US Supreme Court to reverse the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit’s ruling would require a 5 vote majority among its 8 current members and given the highly politicized nature of the US justice system, that scenario isn’t plausible.

And speaking of politicizing justice, take a look at Trump’s Friday morning tweet:


President Trump’s tweet references to this comprehensive blog post on  Lawfare which explains the 9th Circuit’s ruling in layman’s terms.

Let’s end with this:

Source: AP