Trump-Putin 2 Hour Meeting Marathon, Here Are the Highlights

President Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin met for more than two hours  at the G20 summit which takes place in Hamburg, Germany. The meeting was supposed to last for just half an hour, forty minutes tops, but you know how kids are. Now, the next question is, what are these guys up to? After all, what we’re dealing with here are the leaders of the world’s most powerful countries, at least from a military point of view.

Vladimir Putin was the first to break the ice about the meeting with the Donald, as he was quoted as saying by Interfax news :

“I had a very lengthy conversation with the President of the United States, there were a lot of issues such as Ukraine, Syria, other problems, some bilateral issues.

We again returned to the issues of fighting terrorism and cybersecurity,”

Prior to the Russian President’s interview with Interfax, the POTUS has said to the western media during a photo shootout that:

President Putin and I have been discussing various things, and I think it’s going very well.

We’ve had some very, very good talks, we are going to have a talk now and obviously that will continue,”also noting there are hopes of “a lot of very positive things happening.|

“It’s an honor to be with you, thank you,”

“Spasibo [thank you in Russian],”

So, here are the fine details of the bilateral conversation, courtesy of United States and Russian foreign ministers: what’s hugely important is that Russia, the United States and Jordan had reached a ceasefire accord in Syria, as both the US and Russia (with an emphasis on the latter) share the same interest in the region (that’s debatable, just ask a random neocon, say McMasters), i.e. a stable Syria, all these according to Rex Tillerson. Also, there’s no long term role for Assad and his dynasty in Syria, and that means one of two things: either Russia blinked and they’ll  no longer support Assad, which may lead to a catastrophic Iraq/Libya like scenario in the region, or Syria will be partitioned and we can no longer talk about a Syrian president in the future, which seems to be the case in our view.

According to the same Rex Tillerson, Putin and the Donald had a good exchange regarding the North Korean situation, though the Russians have a different view on the issue from the US. About the alleged Russian interference in the US elections, Putin denied any role on his part and President Trump accepted Russian president’s assurance of no election meddling/hacking.

Brace yourselves for the incoming howls of outrage in the US (fake news) mainstream media.

via Associated Press