Trump Ramps up NFL Fight, Calls for Ban on Kneeling During Anthem

trump asks nfl to ban kneeling

President Donald Trump upped the ante in his fight with the NFL on Tuesday, by asking the National Football League to ban players from protesting while the national anthem is played. President Trump wrote on Twitter:

“The NFL has all sorts of rules and regulations. The only way out for them is to set a rule that you can’t kneel during our National Anthem!”

Tuesday marks  the fifth consecutive day the POTUS slammed the NFL for protesting “police brutality” or whatever they think they’re doing by kneeling while the national anthem is played.

President Trump asked Americans to boycott the NFL and he also asked for players disrespecting the flag and the national anthem to be fired, thus triggering over 200 players, coaches and even some NFL owners before Sunday games. House Speaker Ryan also seems to disapprove of the way the protest takes place. Well,sort of, as he actually distanced himself from the Donald:

“People are clearly within their rights to express themselves how they see fit. My own view though is that we shouldn’t do it on the anthem.”

United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions also believes that athletes politicizing sports are in the wrong:

“The players aren’t subject to any prosecution, but if they take a provocative act, they can expect to be condemned,”

The NFL rule book clearly states that all players must be STANDING on the sideline with their helmet in hands during the national anthem. Somehow, this rule does not apply when there is a leftist political agenda involved.

Here are some quick facts for your viewing pleasure: until 2015, the NFL was an untaxed entity, and in many ways it is still government subsidized. The stadiums that they play in are usually built with public tax dollars.

Approximately 70% of NFL fans are behind the POTUS and want to watch football, not a bunch of millionaire malcontents protesting whatever they think they’re protesting. The average salary in the NFL is $2 million per year and the overwhelming majority of players are black. Yet, they have the audacity to call America a racist nation oppressing blacks.

Any political, religious or social signs are prohibited by the NFL. Thus the NFL owners banned players’ request to support Jesus, cops and 9/11 victims in the past, citing the existing rules. It’s weird how  the NFL strictly enforced their rules when Dallas wanted to honor the fallen police officers killed by a BLM fanatic, but when players want to show hate for the country that made them rich, they are just fine with it.