Trump Right Again, Yuuuge Riots in Stockholm Breaking Out Right Now.

Cars burning, shops looted, police fire warning shots. “It looks like a war zone”.

Life is not without a sense or irony, as just a day after the fakestream™ media and progressives world wide heavily criticized The Donald for his “erroneous” comments on Sweden, a riot just occurred in one of Stockholm’s (the capital) suburbs, Rinkeby respectively, which is dubbed by the locals Little Mogadishu due to its heavy immigrant population originating from Somalia.

Over 100 young people (read immigrants) set fire to 8 cars and attacked the police with stones and various projectiles, forcing the police to fire warning shots. The riots started Monday evening at around 20:18 local time as a police squad car was in the area trying to apprehend a wanted person or something along these lines. Check out the photos:

During his recent Florida rally, President Donald Trump referred to the horrible situation in Germany and Sweden, which is due to the huge influx of refugees, which in reality are welfare shoppers from all over the world, mostly Muslim countries.

The fake-news media immediately pounded The Donald and they ran furious attacks all day on Sunday, claiming that the President said there was a terrorist attack in Sweden.

Obviously, Trump never said that, i.e. it was all a made up story in good fakestream™media tradition.

CNN was leading the charge against President Trump, as usual:


Here’s a fervent Anti Trump host John Oliver who also hammered President Trump.


It was all made up, as they purposely misquoted President Trump who actually never said a word about terrorism or an attack whatsoever:


After tonight’s riots in Sweden, the mainstream media together with several Swedish politicians and celebrities will have to apologize to Donald Trump once again.

And obviously, they’ll never do it.