Trump Says Kim Jong-un Made a ‘well-reasoned decision’, as North Korea halts Guam Strike Plan

After North Korea apparently put off its plans of striking Guam, U.S. President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that Kim Jong-un made a ‘wise decision’.

Trump added that the alternative ‘would have been catastrophic’, probably referring to the possibility of a nuclear conflict between United States and North Korea.

“In order to defuse the tensions and prevent the dangerous military conflict on the Korean Peninsula, it is necessary for the US to make a proper option first and show it through action, as it committed provocations after introducing huge nuclear strategic equipment into the vicinity of the peninsula,” North Korean official news agency KCNA reported on Tuesday.

“The US imperialists caught the noose around their necks due to their reckless military confrontation racket”, the agency said, and added that Pyongyang: “would watch a little more the foolish and stupid conduct of the Yankees spending a hard time of every minute of their miserable lot.”

The regime in Pyongyang threatened to carry out mid-range missile strike against U.S. Pacific Island of Guam. However, despite the heated rhetoric, there was little chance that North Korea would actually go on with the plan, as such an act would most probably lead to a major confrontation with the U.S.

Worried about the situation in the Korean peninsula, China urged both sides to refrain from hostile rhetoric, while Russia also expressed its concern over the tensions between Pyongyang and Washington.

Source: RT

Photo Credit: © KCNA / Reuters