Trump Sends B-52 Nuclear Bombers to South Korea

After a defiant North Korea firing missiles “in the general direction of Japan” to quote from the classics, President Donald Trump warned the Pyongyang communist regime of an overwhelming response, i.e. he announced his plans for sending in the cavalry to the rescue.

By cavalry I mean air-cavalry, or the famous (and ancient) B52 nuclear capable bombers and the newer B-1s which are to be deployed to South Korea as soon as possible.

While the tensions in the region are close to reaching a breaking point, thus bringing North Korea and the United States on the brink of a shooting war, US Secretary of Defense General Mad Dog Mattis said that America is totally committed to the defense of its allies.

Switzerland schooled and NBA fan Kim Jong-un became world famous recently after his regime carried out a number of hugely controversial missile launches which landed in Japan’s territorial waters.

South Korean military reported that four missiles were fired earlier this week from the Tongchang ri region, 3 of them crashing in Japan’s waters, with Japan’s Prime Minister Abe warning of a new stage of threat.

The missiles were launched presumably in protest against the joint military drills between the United States and South Korea.

With Donald Trump planning to fly B-1 and B-52 nuclear capable bombers to South Korea, this is a clear sign that America has had enough of North Korean belligerence.

General Mattis emphasized that the United States will react promptly at any attack against her or her allies, while a nuclear attack will be met with an overwhelming and effective response.

The US-South Korea armies Foal Eagle joint exercise is joined by a nuclear powered Nimitz class super-carrier (USS Carl Vinson) and 2 guided-missile destroyers. 15,000 American personnel are participating along with 300,000 South Korean soldiers. There’s also word about the deployment of F35 stealth aircraft from Japan.

Photo: AP, Reuters

Source: The Sun