Trump Sets Record Clear: No DACA Fix Without Border Wall Funding

No DACA Fix Without Border Wall Funding

President Trump declared flatly and concisely on Tuesday that there will be no “amnesty” bill, also known as “DACA fix” or “comprehensive immigration reform” (depending on whom you ask) without including funding for the big, beautiful wall all across the southern border in the respective piece of legislation.

The POTUS has said that any solution for the DACA issue “has to include the wall, because without the wall it all doesn’t work” during a press conference with Norway’s prime minister. President Trump is currently being criticized by a lot of right-wing commentators and talk show radio hosts, while CNN and Jeb! are praising him for his remarks made during the bipartisan meeting over DACA yesterday, a televised meeting which led to tense negotiations and a number of dubious statements from the POTUS, which may have easily been misinterpreted.

President Trump insisted on Tuesday on funding for the border wall and border security, an end to the diversity visa program and to chain migration as being obligatory for any DACA deal during the talks with DEM and REP lawmakers.

I am aware of the fact that the Democrats have lied on legislation and funding for the wall before. They have no credibility or integrity. We have laws now that haven’t been enforced that they file lawsuits to prevent enforcement. Any promise they make they will have a plan to not fulfill. But I bet the POTUS knows it too. If he takes their word for it, just remember how Ronald Reagan’s amnesty turned California, Colorado and New Mexico blue. Trump will lose Arizona, Texas, Idaho, Montana, Nevada etc.