Trump Son in Law Failed to Disclose Ties with Soros, Goldman Sachs

jared kushner

Speaking about draining the swamp, a good idea would be not to bring the swamp into the oval office. That’s a pretty reasonable requirement by any metrics. And speaking of globalism and “the new boss is the same with the old boss”, today we have a juicy Wall Street Journal report about Donald Trump’s son in law, Ivanka’s husband and adviser/policy maker extraordinaire, enter Jared Kushner ladies and gents.

Mr. Kushner, the 38 years old wise guy and Trump’s Senior Adviser, a man who comes from a very dubious family (his father was convicted in 2005 for tax evasion, illegal campaign contributions and witness tampering), did not disclose his ties with leftist/pro open borders and quintessential anti Trumper billionaire George Soros, nor the fact that he is a business partner of Goldman Sachs.

The thing is, Jared Kushner owns stake in a real estate financial startup named Cadre, which makes him partner with the aforementioned 2 entities, Goldman Sachs and George Soros along with Peter Thiel.

Also, Trump’s son in law failed to disclose various loans (he’s into real estate, nota bene) totaling over one billion dollars from more than twenty lenders on companies he co-owns and properties. Jared Kushner also provided personal guarantees on at least three hundred million dollars of the respective debt. The debt on Jared’s assets was analyzed and ties have been found to a large number of domestic (US) and foreign banks, real estate companies, private equity firms and government owned lenders. All the juicy details are  here.

In our view, this issue is far worse than the Flynn situation. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The American people did not vote for globalist-liberal Soros puppets and truth be told, Donald Trump’s biggest mistake was letting his daughter & son-in-law in the White House. Every single one of his failures which led to losing some of his base supporters can be traced back to them.

Also, how was this guy Jared vetted for a security clearance when he failed to report a billion dollars in debt and business ties to George Soros, Goldman Sachs and the whole nine yards?

Photo Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images