Trump Sons Dismiss Russia Investigation: ‘Greatest hoax of all time’

trump sons

While the mainstream media is eagerly awaiting for James Comey’s “blockbuster” appearance on Capitol Hill next Thursday, when former FBI director is expected to provide the American public with a great show, Eric Trump hold a presser in Trump Tower earlier on Tuesday and he was quoted as stating the obvious when asked by ABC’s Tom Llamas about the investigation in the so-called Russia probe:

“It’s the greatest hoax of all time. I was there throughout the campaign. We have no dealings in Russia. We have no projects in Russia. We have nothing to do with Russia.”

As every red-pilled American already knows, there’s absolutely no hard evidence, as in zero proof with regard to the never-ending investigation by the FBI (and who knows who else) into the so called collusion between Trump team and those pesky ruskies. Both of President Trump sons argued that the hysteria in the mainstream media and the investigation itself are just a byproduct of fake-news stories and dubious leaks from Obama-era holdovers in the new administration. And the partisan corporate media is working frantically with deep state operatives in their quest for tanking the Trump administration, that’s obvious for quite a while now.

Even if the political pressure from both sides of the isle doesn’t seem to take a break anytime soon, despite the complete lack of evidence with regard to the fake-news media ridiculous claims, President Trump’s sons said that they are not worried at all about the final outcome of the witch hunt. Let’s quote  Donald Trump Jr. again:

“I definitely see a political establishment working to make it difficult for him to succeed,”. “But I don’t know enough about the details of Comey and what he’s gonna do there.”

“I mean, I really think they had to, optically. But it is nothing more than a witch hunt. At the end of the day, I really believe nothing will come out of this in any way.”

Both Eric Trump and Donald Trump junior received a visit from the FBI a month ago, on May 8th, just before James Comey got canned by the POTUS. The FBI inquired about a cyber attack against the Trump Organization, but there was no mention of the Russia investigation:

“Obviously, as a company in America, we’re susceptible like so many others to potential cyber-attacks. And so that was the extent of what I can actually talk about. But it had nothing to do with the [Russia investigation].”


Photo via Twitter