Identity Of MI 6 Operative Who Fabricated the Trump Dossier Revealed


In his first-in-6-months press conference, President Elect Donald Trump described a peculiar episode from the post-election period, among other epic moments, for example the one in which he called CNN a fake news  organization while trolling a reporter from the respective network.

The story goes something like this: after Trump discovered that a series of his own classified briefings were leaked in the press, he organized his own sting operation for ensnaring his intelligence advisers.

And, he described how he caught them in the act, i.e. leaking secret/classified briefings to mass media. Trump said that he decided to keep complete “radio silence” about a particular (as in secret) briefing, keeping out of the loop even his scheduling aide, for ruling out the possibility that the “leakster” was somebody in his organization.

Obviously, he discovered that word got out anyway and the logical conclusion was that it was somebody in the intelligence community who was in charge of the “loose lips” so to speak.

Trump’s ensnaring operation was described after it was suggested that it was an intelligence official who “doctored” the fake so-called dossier containing damaging information about him.

Basically, President Trump declared in his latest press conference that top spies/the intelligence community had been the masterminds behind unproven and salacious allegations  against him:

‘I think it’s pretty sad when intelligence reports get leaked out to the press. First of all, it’s illegal. These are classified and certified meetings and reports,’

I’ll tell you what does happen. I have many meetings with intelligence. And every time I meet, people are reading about it,

‘Somebody’s leaking them out,’

‘So I said, “Maybe it’s my office. Maybe my office.” Because I’ve got a lot of people … Maybe it’s them?’

‘What I did, is I said I won’t tell anyone. I’m going to have a meeting, and I won’t tell anybody about my meeting with intelligence,

‘Nobody knew – not even Rhoda, my executive assistant for years. She didn’t know – I didn’t tell her. Nobody knew,’


added The Donald during his conference at the Trump Tower. After the trap was set, Trump described how the word got out anyway:

The meeting was held. They left, and immediately the word got out that I had a meeting. So, I don’t want that. It’s very unfair to the country. It’s very unfair to our country what’s happening


The chief media relations for the Director of National Intelligence Thomas Barrett declined to comment when asked about Donald Trump’s alleged sting operation.

Another interesting factoid is that while we learned earlier today about John McCain being responsible for handing the compromising yet completely fabricated “Trump dossier” to the FBI, we also discovered (courtesy of WSJ) who was the one in charge of actually creating it: the former MI 6 officer who’s now in the private sector working for a security/investigations company is Christopher Steele, the director of Orbis Business Intelligence (London based).

Source: Daily Mail