Trump Team of Bosses Set to Rock DC

Donald Trump Builds a Dream Team of CEOs and Generals to Shake Up Establishment


Donald Trump’s future cabinet looks very much like himself, i.e. white males, mostly older, very wealthy, risk takers and deal makers. I know that it rhymes a little bit, but seriously speaking, with over 20 nominees so far, President elect’s future cabinet appears to be like Dream Team USA or The Expendables-the real life version, and I mean that in a good way.

Donald Trump is quoted often for saying that Washington is broken, as it’s being obviously controlled by special interests for a long time now. Instead of continuing the decades old tradition of putting technocrats and bureaucrats with long government experience in key positions, The Donald assembled a team of highly experienced CEOs from the private sector, people who already made names for themselves (and huge fortunes) in the real economy rather than in public office.

The mainstream media and “political analysts” are already decrying the “shocking” absence of lawyers, (leftist) intellectuals and/or academics from key government positions. Truth be told, if you consider that old saying about “those who can do, those who can’t teach”, Donald Trump is right on the money with regard to making America great again, as he’s hiring doers rather than theoreticians.

In Donald Trump’s cabinet you’ll find the who’s who of big business, the likes of Goldman Sachs and Exxon Mobil, the best of the best in the finance and big-business world. And some folks are very nervous about it.

Donald Trump is a business man par excellence (as opposed to a career politician), a self made billionaire who vowed to produce major changes after 8 years in office. His candidacy already broke the country’s long standing conventions and his future Cabinet marks a sharp turn from the soon-to-be-history Obama administration.

Trump assembled a very interesting list of Cabinet nominees which is remarkable by any metrics, as it includes big-business execs who have never been involved in government, together with seasoned military leaders, who will be in charge of homeland security and defense.

For instance, The Donald nominated someone who is renowned for once calling for dismantling the agency he’ll oversee in the near future.

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