Trump Threatens Chicago He May Send in the FEDS To Fix “Horrible Carnage”


President Donald Trump threatened last night (on Twitter obviously) to send in the Feds to Chicagoland for ending the horrible carnage after seeing the city’s horrible crime statistics:


Dubbed Chicagoland, the city of Chicago is a long standing democratic stronghold, the home-city of the American mafia figure Al Capone and former US president Barack Obama and also one of the most crime-ridden places in the United States, boasting a long history of organized crime and implementing draconian gun-control laws. Which are an obvious failure, but let’s move along.

The current mayor of Chicago (second term) was the former Chief of Staff in Barack Obama’s administration in 2008, before becoming the city’s first Jewish mayor, Rahm Emanuel respectively.

2016 was an incredibly violent year for Chicago, during which there were over eight hundred homicides. Chicagoan’s truly hoped that 2017 will be better in this regard, as the new year may bring a new era of peace and understanding among the city’s residents, but it looks like they put their expectations too high.

As per the first month of 2017, Chicago is on the right track to register the most violent January since 1997, which is even worse than the incredibly violent 2016 levels.

According to police figures reported by the Chicago Tribune, at least 227 people were shot in January in Chicago (in the first three weeks!), which makes for a 5.5% increase compared to the same period of 2016. At least 42 homicides were recorded in January of 2017, up 23,3% from the same period in January 2016 (24 homicides recorded).

January of 2016 closed with 50 homicides, a 16 years high, while 2016 ended with 783 homicides, the worst crime wave in 20 years.

This January started horribly bad, with 55 people shot over the New Year’s weekend, 5 of them fatally. The next crime-peak occurred over the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend with 39 people shot, of which 10 fatally.

Obama’s administration did its best to delegitimize Chicago’s police force by basically labeling them as a trigger-happy racist organization targeting blacks.


Source: Chicago Tribune

Photo: Eric Clark / Chicago Tribune