Trump Trolls DEMs, Brands Them Hypocrites over Russian Allegations

President Trump was having the time of his life on Friday, trolling “lying” Nancy Pelosi and various Democratic Congressional leaders on Twitter by branding them as hypocrites over their Russian ties allegations about his cabinet members.

After the latest vitriolic campaign against Jeff Sessions from the DEM lapdog media, accusing the US Attorney General of colluding with Russian interests and lying about it during his Senate confirmation hearings, Chuck Schumer got a taste of Trump fury just a few hours ago.

President Donald Trump twitted earlier of Friday:



Trump became obviously aggravated with Chuck Schumer’s incessant allegations and faux outrage about his administration’s alleged ties to Putin and Russia and the so called election hacking brouhaha. The photo of Putin and Schumer was published originally by the Associated Press and it dates back to 2003, with the happy couple drinking coffee and eating doughnuts while grinning about God knows what.

Then it was Nancy Pelosi’s turn to get into the President’s cross-hairs.



It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, right?

The photo depicting a close encounter between archaic DEM Nancy Pelosi and Sergey Kislyak, the (now infamous) Russian ambassador appeared in Politico earlier on Friday, after the DEM paleo-operative vehemently denied ever meeting the latter.

This is getting hilarious, I can’t wait for round three of President Trump calling out the Democrats on their hypocrisy in very simple terms for the whole internet to see. And let’s close with a classic from the Obama era: