Trump Tweets Pursuit Of Moscow Hotel Deal Was “Very Legit & Cool”

trump twitter moscow

President Trump went on Twitter on Friday and blasted Mueller’s probe with the usual “it’s a witch hunt” argument. A day before, the POTUS has told reporters that his former lawyer/fixer Michael “Not-so-bright” Cohen is looking to shave-off years from a presumably lengthy prison sentence by cooperating with Mueller’s team, basically implying that this Cohen character is ready to do anything to stay out of jail.

Very Legal,” sure.  “Very Cool,” well; that’s a matter of judgement.  I’ve always found Trump enterprises to be vulgar, wasteful, flashy, nouveau-riche crap that shows off that one has far more money than sense, and relies on the superficial opinions of others rather than having any personal standards and self-esteem.

If I had the money to buy a luxury condo in a Trump-branded building, I wouldn’t do it. I’d spend less money to get a lot more bang for my buck in much more discrete fashion, but that’s my personal taste.

As for Trump being “a very good developer,” that used to be true, about 25 years ago.  It’s been a couple decades since Trump has developed anything.  Now he’s a brand salesman, not a real estate developer.  To be a real estate developer on any scale, you have to have access to a lot more money than anyone legitimate is willing to lend to Donald J. Trump.

Since the Atlantic City and Plaza Hotel debacles, Trump hasn’t been able to get large-scale financing.  Since then, all he’s done in business is rent his name and brand.  He doesn’t do the actual real estate development, because he doesn’t have access to that kind of money.

That was the heart of the matter in the Panama City Trump Tower fiasco recently.  Trump’s management team wasn’t paying the bills and the building’s actual owner fired them for breach of contract and had them removed from the building, because Trump Enterprises had written a lot checks with their mouth that their ass couldn’t cash.  And then President Trump used the office of the Presidency of the United States of America to threaten the nation of Panama, because Trump’s personal businesses were being held to account for non-performance of contracts.

Actual real estate developers the world over saw Trump’s personal and business conduct in that instance.  There are very few people who have the kind of money to do the kind of project that would justify the Trump brand, and they’re smart people.  They’re less and less likely to have anything to do with the likes of Trump.

And that’s where Felix Sater comes in.  Sater is the link to very large money that just can’t come out into the light of day.  And the people of the Trump side who have interfaced with Sater to facilitate the flow of that money?  Michael Cohen and Allen Weisselberg.  Both of whom have cooperated with Mueller.  Weisselberg appears to be honest in his personal dealings so he might not be that vulnerable to arm-twisting.  But Cohen?  Hah!  Cohen is filthy-dirty in all aspects of his life.  Cohen is as compromised as they come.

Your mom and grandmother, and hopefully dad and grandpa too, told you to stay away from people like Felix Sater, and to never let people like Michael Cohen near you in any way.  There’s a reason they told you that, and it was extremely good advice.

Trump Enterprises’ association with Felix Sater, through Michael Cohen, is right on the surface of it Very Uncool, and Mueller knows right now whether or not it was Very Legal.

At this point, however, Mueller appears to be manufacturing his own scandals in order to justify the continuation of his investigation.

If you ask me, now with the midterms over and done with, there are zero excuses at this point for Trump to delay just firing Mueller.