Did Judges Lie?

According to the federal judges who blocked President Donald Trump travel ban, no one from the respective seven countries has been arrested for terrorism or extremism in the US.

However, as per a new report from Saturday, the judges were dead wrong, proving once again that the decision for halting Trump’s exec order was entirely political.

Since 2001, 72 individuals from the 7 predominantly Muslim countries targeted by President Trump’s travel ban have actually been convicted for terrorism.

At least seventeen pretended to be refugees from those countries, 3 entered the United States as students and at least twenty five finally became US citizens.

The figures presented by the Center of Immigration Studies shown below are very clear: Donald Trump was right, while the judges were wrong. The question is, did the judges lie or are they simply incompetent?

Here’s the situation: during the hearing in Seattle from last week, Judge Robart questioned the Justice Department lawyer about the number of arrests since 9/11 with regard to foreign nationals from the seven countries targeted by the travel ban. The lawyer said he doesn’t know.

The judged basically answered his own question:

“Let me tell, you, the answer to that is none, as best I can tell. You’re here arguing on behalf of someone that says we have to protect the United States from these individuals coming from these countries and there’s no support for that.”

Well, as best I can tell is not an argument.

However, the judges from the 9th Circuit proceeded with enforcing Robart’s decision and denying President Trump’s appeal despite the fact that 20 Somalians, 19 Yemenites, 19 Iraqis, 4 Iranians, 2 Libyans, 7 Syrians and 1 Sudanese  were convicted for terrorist acts in the United States, for a grand total of 72.

These indisputable facts prove that the Ninth Circuit judges together with Robart who all blocked Trump’s executive order on the premise that there’s no hard evidence proving a clear and present danger to the US in allowing individuals from the 7 terror prone countries to come in were wrong.

Robart claimed zero, but the actual number is 72. That’s the problem with “alternative facts”, they tend to contradict the liberal narrative and truth be told, I’ll never get tired of so much winning.

Source: Washington Examiner, ZeroHedge

Photo Source: AP