Trump Wins Big: Supreme Court Dismisses Travel Ban Challenge

Supreme Court Dismisses Travel Ban Challenge

In a big victory for President Trump’s administration, the United States Supreme Court dismissed on Tuesday a serious challenge to the POTUS’ travel ban on a number of Muslim majority countries. The reason given was the fact that the “old” travel-ban has been replaced with a newer/improved version, thus the controversy was sent back to where it began.

Tuesday’s ruling by the United States Supreme Court marks an important victory for President Trump, as his administration asked the SCOTUS to drop the case following the POTUS’ signed proclamation on September 24th, which was aimed at replacing the old temporary travel-ban on 6 Muslim majority countries with a new (this time indefinite) one, affecting 8 countries, including North Korea. The justices ruled that the new presidential executive-order made the SCOTUS challenge moot.

The justices were quoted as saying in a 1-page order that:

“We express no view on the merits,”

The United States Supreme Court decision on Tuesday basically wipes the record clean with regard to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit’s decision, which struck down significant parts of Trump’s initial travel ban. The California based 9th Circuit’s case is still pending, due to the fact that it includes a worldwide refugee-ban that will expire at the end of October. However, it is very likely for the United States Supreme Court to ditch this case as well.

Despite Tuesday’s victory, the fight is not over yet, as challengers already have started the legal process anew by renewing their lawsuits in the lower courts, with hearings being scheduled as early as next week. Needless to say, we can expect for the new legal challenges to Trump’s travel ban to reach the high courts in the following 2-3 months.