Trumped Up Money

Trump could make billions as president.

It is possible that Trump could use the Presidency to make his net worth go well over the $10 billion he says he has now. President-elect Trump never did release his tax returns during the race and now that he has won, you can guarantee the public will never see them. So what does that mean? Well, Trump can now have his children–who now run his company–buy stocks or companies based on what he can do as President or what information he knows.

That Can’t Be Possible!

Unfortunately, it is. Trump has caused some major industries to sky rocket in value because of what he plans to do as President. In one instance a large, private prison company saw a 43-percent gain in its stock value the day after the election. When you start looking at the numbers, you will notice the private prison industry will benefit tremendously from the president-elect’s proposed immigration policies.

US immigration and customs enforcement or ICE holds up to 34,000 people at a time as they wait for deportation. ICE does not hold those people in their own facility, rather, they will send those people to prison to wait and 73% of the time they go to private prisons. If Trump does deport the nearly 11 million unauthorized immigrants in America, around 1,000 prisons the size of Rikers Island would need to be built to hold the immigrants.

It Is All About The Money!

When we start to look at the financial side, it becomes more likely that Trump could benefit. Rikers Island’s annual budget is $860 million. Between the 1000 or so new private prisons needed, that would be nearly a trillion dollars a year to run them. It is also important to note that the funding would come from tax payers.

So now we know for sure that if Trump deports 11 million unauthorized immigrants, the private prison industry could profit an added 1 trillion a year. With Trump being the businessman that he is, he could easily invest in some of those private prisons or have his kids start their own and make billions.

Some will try to say that it doesn’t matter because we will get rid of them quickly, but as of August 2015, the average number of days an immigrant would wait to see an immigration judge was 1,071.

It all comes back to Trump being Trump. He never released his tax returns, so we do not know what type of investments he had in the past and we will never know what he invests in as President. It is also largely impossible for Trump to be impeached if he was ever charged with insider trading. Republicans control the house, so as long as Trump stays in their good graces, he does not have to worry about being impeached.

Trump has shown he isn’t afraid to say what he thinks now to see if he acts on it?

As it looks today, Trump could easily turn himself into the richest man in America simply by being President. Only Congress will be able to hold back President Trump, and as of now he is free to do as he pleases.