Trump’s Border Wall Is Coming – But Not Without A Hefty Price

Trump's Border Wall Is Coming

According to a new report, President Trump’s administration is requesting 18 billion dollars in funding for the border wall “expansion” in the next decade. The $18 billion are required for the construction of seven hundred miles of fencing and border wall, as per a Wall Street Journal report on Friday.

What will 18 billion dollars buy for the American taxpayer? Well, the funding is required to add/replace the existing 654 miles of border barrier, bringing the grand-total to almost one thousand miles upon completion. That’s almost half the length of the US-Mexico border. The wall funding is part of a 33 billion dollars border security package, which includes 9 billion over the first 5 years and an additional 8.7 billion for the next 5 years, as per a CBP (Customs and Border Protection) memo.

Trump’s administration seeks the 18 billion funding for building a physical barrier (solid wall or fencing) across 970 miles of southern border by 2027. Even if the 18 billion price tag may seem steep, provided everything goes as planned, it’s still far short of the POTUS’ original plan/promise to build a big, beautiful wall all across the 2200 miles of US-Mexico border. President Trump has been quoted as saying that the border wall funding must be part of any final DACA legislation, but it’s not yet clear how much of the 18 billion dollars will be requested by the White House as part of a DACA deal. The document also requests funding for boosting border infrastructure, staffing and technology, asking for 5.7 billion dollars over 5 years for surveillance equipment, guard towers and drones.

$18 billion over 10 years is nothing. Just the cost of amnesty for the 670,000 DACA recipients is $26 billion, which doesn’t include the costs of chain migration of DACA recipients’ extended families. The Democrats are now pushing for amnesty for 3 million “Dreamers.” That $18 billion is peanuts compared to the $200 billion plus cost of benefits, education, healthcare, etc. that illegals cost the country at federal, state and local levels already.