Trump’s Lawyers Consider Case Against Reporter David Johnston and MSNBC

President Donald Trump’s private legal team is considering a lawsuit against MSNBC reporter David Johnston and the news company itself for “leaking” his 2005 tax forms on Tuesday in Rachel Maddow’s show.

Just as a quick reminder, Rachel Maddow made a big breaking news fuss on Tuesday announcing that she’ll reveal President Trump’s 1040 tax return papers from more than a decade ago. The show was a hit piece from the beginning to the not so happy ending.

After all the attacks during the campaign about Trump not paying taxes and profiteering from the US lax tax system, the American public was presented with the horrible news that Donald Trump actually paid tens of millions of dollars in tax in 2005, 38 millions to be exact, which represents a 25% income tax.

What’s incredibly ironic is that Donald Trump paid proportionally more in tax than famous socialist Bernie Sanders or Barack Hussein Obama, not to mention MSNBC itself.

Getting back to our news story, even The Hill, which is by all means an anti Trump news outlet emphasized the fact that disclosing one’s tax returns without his/her consent is a felony and what Rachel Maddow did during her show on Tuesday is completely illegal and immoral.

Now, President Trump’s private lawyers may proceed with legal action against the reporter who delivered the tax documents to Rachel Maddow and against MSNBC altogether for providing a platform for the respective felony, which is punishable with up to 5 years in prison.

Just to give you a hint about how serious these things are, conservative film maker Dinesh DeSouza went to jail for far less than this.


26 U.S. Code § 7213 – Unauthorized disclosure of information

(3) Other persons

It shall be unlawful for any person to whom any return or return information (as defined in section 6103(b)) is disclosed in a manner unauthorized by this title thereafter willfully to print or publish in any manner not provided by law any such return or return information. Any violation of this paragraph shall be a felony punishable by a fine in any amount not exceeding $5,000, or imprisonment of not more than 5 years, or both, together with the costs of prosecution.


Source  FOX Business Network