Trump’s One-Word Answer On North Korea Stunned The Room

Trump's One-Word Answer On North Korea Stunned The Room

During his joint press conference with Sweden’s Prime Minister on Tuesday, President Trump credited himself (his diplomatic work basically) for Pyongyang’s regime newly found willingness to have a discussion about its nuclear program with the United States. During the presser, reporters asked the Donald what he believed was the reason for North Korea’s offer to hold nuclear talks on Tuesday.

The President’s answer was short and concise: Me! His remark was considered funny by some people in the room, who chuckled, making the POTUS to say: “Nobody got that.”

Here’s the POTUS on North Korea’s offer to hold talks and halt nuclear pursuit during negotiations:

I think they are sincere, but I think they’re sincere also because the sanctions and what we’re doing with respect to North Korea, including, you know, the great help that we’ve been given with China. And they can do more, but I think they have done more than certainly they’ve ever done for our country before. So China has been a big help. I think that’s been a factor. But the sanctions have been very, very strong. Very biting. And we don’t want that to happen. I really believe they are sincere. I hope they are sincere. We’re going to soon find out.”

And President Trump is right, it was him. The wimps in the White House before Trump first enabled, then completely ignored North Korea.

I’ll not hold my breath until they give up their “nukes”, but I will give Trump credit for a change in their rhetoric. As long as I can remember, we don’t hear anything out of North Korea until they want something. They then would saber rattle and act out til we’d give them enough whatever they wanted to quiet them. Trump didn’t do that. I’m guessing Trump caused them to stop and reconsider their usual MO, and now they seem to think and  proceed cautiously. The POTUS communicated with the North Korean boy dictator in terms that he could understand. Nobody has ever done that before.