Trump’s War against the Deep State

FBI’s Director James Comey testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee can be best described as a political hit job, having absolutely nothing to do with shedding light on Donald Trump’s alleged connections with Russia, but a final attempt from the Deep State to remain relevant/in power and to prevent the president from keeping his “drain the swamp” campaign promise.

Comey said that the FBI is currently conducting an investigation into Trump’s associates/campaign alleged collusion with Russia, that was aimed at defeating Hillary Clinton and the probe has been in progress since June of 2016, with the Justice Department authorizing it.

This totally begs the question (never asked): who in the Justice Department authorized it and for what reasons? It was Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch?

Moreover, if the FBI and the DOJ were performing a broad investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign/staff and their alleged ties to Vladimir Putin, how can anyone believe that president Obama did not know about the surveillance?

Comey did everything during his testimony to cover for Obama’s misdeeds, repeating incessantly that the president did not and could not order a wiretap on candidate Trump and/or his campaign communications.

However, we do know for a fact that Obama approved a number of high profile surveillance jobs, the likes of tapping the personal phones of Angela Merkel, Silvio Berlusconi, Bibi Netanyahu or Nicolas Sarkozy to name just a few.

Comey is either incredibly naive or a he’s simply lying through his teeth.

It is an impossibility to conduct a multi agency/broad investigation (which requires surveillance/wiretapping if you’re not a psychic) into candidate Donald Trump’s claimed collusion with Putin’s Russia without the POTUS’s authorization and knowledge.

Consider this: the sore loser DEMs, the left-wing media and Comey are now asking for the American public to buy into their story that the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, the Treasury Department and the NSA were all involved in a very sensitive investigation into Donald Trump’s (a major presidential candidate) alleged ties to Russia, a foreign power yet Barack Obama knew absolutely nothing about it.

This is more than stretching the limits of a 12 year old’s imagination, but a last resort at covering the former president’s criminal behavior.

Comey’s testimony was aimed at making  the corporate/establishment media to start frothing at the mouth about president Trump’s imminent demise, with the left wingers now claiming that Trump was proven to be an illegitimate president who stole the election from Clinton with a little help from his master Vladimir Putin and his impeachment is now just a matter of time and all that liberal palaver.

The only problem with this fantasy is that their narrative is utter bull, a myth deliberately fabricated by the Democrat lapdog media aimed at overturning the results of the election via a silent coup.

Obama’s former DNI director James Clapper already admitted there’s not a scintilla of evidence about Trump and his team colluding with Russia. The same is the case with former CIA director Mike Morrell, who also served under Obama, who said recently that all these stories are just a NYT/CNN fabrication, i.e. only smoke and mirrors with zero proof/evidence of anything inappropriate or illegal to have taken place on behalf of Trump’s team.

The Washington Post and the New York Times published countless stories in recent months, depicting how intelligence sources leaked classified/secret intel that was obtained via the Deep State agencies which were engaged in broad surveillance/wiretapping/spying of Donald Trump and his staff as part of the now famous investigation into the alleged hacking of the election by those darn’ ruskies.

All these leaks are felonies punishable with hard time in prison and since Comey is just a Deep State creature, his testimony was aimed at protecting his bureaucracy and himself, together with what is widely described as the shadow government that literally runs Washington, because information is power, politicians come and go but the bureaucracy is forever.

Trump must not be allowed to drain the swamp and DC’s culture of corruption, as the name of the game is power, control and buckets of money; with Trump POTUS, all these are at risk.

The Deep State used its mainstream media mouthpieces to hide behind the 1st amendment protections for conducting criminal activity, i.e. for leaking classified/illegally obtained information for political purposes, with many of the leaks coming directly from Comey’s FBI.

Hence, Comey’s statement in front of the House Intelligence panel that the FBI will not investigate these leaks speaks volumes: his own people, Obama’s holdovers in the FBI are involved in the conspiracy to eject Trump out of office at all costs. James Comey is in an obvious conflict of interest here and Trump should fire him and all Obama holdovers before they drive him from office.