Trump’s Yuuge Defeat on Budget


President Donald Trump has recorded his greatest defeat  of his young presidency (so far). It is obvious that his continuing embrace of RINO Ryan will lead to his political doom sooner or later if things do not change dramatically.

I know what you’re probably thinking as a Trump supporter: this is 4D chess, it’s all a means to an end and all that optimistic palaver. But, the harsh reality is this: no matter how much sycophants and his administration are trying to spin the facts, the budget so-called deal is a major failure and a definite setback for the President’s America First agenda.

The 1.1 trillion dollars omnibus spending bill is an epic victory for the Republican establishment and Democrats alike. If you’re watching the news carefully, you can see House Minority Leader Chuck Schummer bursting with joy and he actually boasted how his fellow DEMs in the congress have succeeded into, let me quote the man himself:

blocking funding for all of Trump’s priorities.

Schummer is 100% spot on, as The Donald train has been derailed, at least for the time being. There’s no money allocated for the wall as per 2017, and the deal is so bad, that it expressly bans the spending of one cent from the 1.5 billion dollars allocated for border security “home improvement” from going towards building Trump’s big beautiful wall.

Moreover, it gets increasingly worse: the 1.1 trillion dollars omnibus spending bill doesn’t provide one cent for Trump’s deportation force, and on top of that, sanctuary cities will continue to be funded by the Feral Gummint, despite threats and warnings from both Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump.

Even if Trump promised to rollback wasteful spending with regard to various domestic agencies, the likes of NIH, EPA et al, the new budget not only fully funds them, but in the case of NIH it actually adds two billion dollars more. The “deal” is so ridiculously bad, that Democrats gained five billion dollars in domestic spending with Trump than they did under former president Barack Obama, let that sink in real good folks.

To make a long story short, Democrats gained everything they asked for while Trump got zilch, nada, zippo. To make GOP’s capitulation complete, under the new spending bill, Planned Parenthood gets fully funded, even if the Republicans vowed for years to defund it. This is more than surrender, it’s betrayal by any metrics.

Ryan and his RINO fellows in the GOP made a budget which Barack Obama would have happily signed, proving once again that Ryan is not Donald Trump’s friend and ally but his mortal enemy with regard to the POTUS agenda, i.e. domestic spending cuts, the wall, defunding Planned Parenthood, restoring national sovereignty and cracking down on sanctuary cities.

Threatening with a government shutdown, Ryan and the DEMs outmaneuvered The Donald in a big way passing a budget that will benefit the corporatist elite and DC’s ruling class, while the deplorables are given the shaft once again.