Turkey Threatens EU, May Release Millions of Refugees

Migrant Deal Has Ended

Turkish officials escalated the conflict  with the Netherlands on Monday, with the Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus declaring that, let me quote:

“Europe’s politicians are under fascist, neo-nazi influence

and announcing that Turkey will cancel flight permissions for Holland’s politicians together with suspending all high level diplomatic meetings.

Going further with its furious response, Turkey announced that it will impose travel restrictions to Dutch politicians and diplomats and it will halt political discussions with the Netherlands in the aftermath of the Dutch government’s decision to stop 2 Turkish ministers from attending rallies in the country.

AP reports that Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus also said during a press conference that Turkish air space is basically closed for Dutch politicians and diplomats. The Dutch ambassador to Turkey will not be allowed to return, as he was travelling when the diplomatic “war” started and the parliament will be advised to withdraw from a Turkish Dutch friendship group.

It remains to be seen if the diplomatic war between the two countries will impact the economic relations between the nations, as the Netherlands is one of the biggest foreign investors in Turkey’s economy  ($22 bn) while Turkish exports in Holland amount to $3.6 bn annually as per 2016.  If the diplomatic war will transform in a trade war, an economic recession in Turkey will be guaranteed.

What’s most worrying for the European Union who just made it very clear that Turkey will never join the EU in the predictable future is that the same Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus claimed during the press conference that, let me quote:

Europe has not kept its promises on the migrant deal, for us that agreement has ended.

If there ever was blackmail in international politics, this is it. Just consider the fact that last year, Turkey cashed in 3 billion dollars as per its migrant deal with the EU and a year (and a coup) after, it just voided the agreement. The next step would be a literal flood of all the refugees inside Turkish borders which are to be set free over Europe. According to estimates, Turkey currently harbors more than two million refugees.

Check out some facts about Turkey and Holland with regard to historic norms and international law and remember that Turkey considers that it deserves to join the European Union:

Source Photo NY Times