Twitter Flags President Trump’s Posts as Sensitive Content For Sharing Drudge Headlines!

‘Sensitive Content’: Twitter Hides President Trump, Don Jr. Posts for Sharing Drudge Headlines

Twitter is one of the world’s largest social media platforms, a platform that has become notorious in the last year or so for its patent bias against conservatives. The cherry on top for Twitter is that President Trump and his son Trump Jr.’s tweets are now being soft-censored, i.e. they are being hidden behind content filters. However, these are innocuous tweets by any metrics, hence Twitter’s decision to filter the POTUS’ or his son’s tweets is rather strange, to say the least. One explanation would be that both “culprits” shared Matt Drudge’s headlines, while one of Trump Jr.’s tweets criticized Twitter’s double-standard when it comes to enforcing its terms of service.

Now, if you’re cruising Trump or Trump Jr.’s profiles with your content filter on, you’ll notice how 2 of the POTUS’ tweets on March 4th and one from Trump Jr. are basically censored, being hidden behind content filters. The content filters look like this:

tweeter trump content filter

In order to see the censored tweets, you must disable your content filter on Twitter via settings. As you can see, these tweets are completely innocent and it’s hard to see how they would violate Twitter’s so-called terms of service. One of Trump Jr’s censored tweets actually criticized the company for its “liberal bias:

The Twitter filtering issue seems to have been triggered by the POTUS and his son retweeting of @DRUDGE_REPORT, which is also “shadow banned”:

If you want to manually disable Twitter’s content filter, you’ll have to uncheck the box marked “hide sensitive content” in your account’s safety settings.

Censorship and silencing dissent is the way of today’s fascists, who pose in plain sight as democrats, teachers, students and journalists. We need the DOJ to immediately begin investigating Twitter and Facebook for anti-trust violations. That just might get Twitter to back off.