Twitter Customer-Service Employee ‘Inadvertently Deactivates’ President Trump’s Account

It was Employees’ Last Day of Work!

trump twitter disappears

According to the company’s official response, a Twitter employee accidentally deactivated President Trump’s social media account for a full eleven minutes, thus making leftists everywhere to lose their collective mind over the concept that the POTUS has been finally banned from Twitter. Twitter blamed human error over the incident:

President Trump’s official Twitter account vanished right before 7 p.m. on Thursday, and it magically resurfaced at 7.03 p.m., with Twitter taking full responsibility over the “power outage”. Currently, the Donald’s anti-fake-news Twitter-machine-gun is up and running and fully operational.

Here’s a screen-shot immortalizing the horrific event:

trump's twitter account goes down

Those short and excruciating moments from when Trump’s Twitter account was…well, deleted reminded me of this scene:


The Donald did not tweet anything since his account has been restored and Twitter failed to offer any explanation for the outage, other than “human error”.

Leftists were thrilled, to say the least:

twitted deletes trump account

One may wonder if this wasn’t a trial balloon of sorts.