Twitter Wars: President Trump Keeps AG Sessions Under Heavy Pressure

Trump Blasts Sessions

Despite receiving massive calls from both sides of the isle, REPs and DEMs alike and almost everyone in friendly mainstream media (read Fox News), President Trump seems to be ignoring them completely as he blasted (again) AG Jeff Sessions via a brand-new Twitter storm on Wednesday.

What happened this time, one may ask? Well, during his latest Twitter attack, the POTUS wonders why Jeff Sessions failed (until now) to replace Andrew McCabe, the acting FBI Director, a guy who was (strangely) allowed by former FBI Director James Comey to supervise the investigation on the Clinton-email server scandal. The thing is, Andrew McCabe’s wife is basically a Hillary Clinton operative, as she’s well known for receiving significant amounts of money from Hillary Clinton via Terry McAuliffe (a DEM operative) in order to fund her own Senate campaign.

Here’s what President Donald Trump twitted on Wednesday morning:




According to public campaign finance records, Andrew McCabe’s wife Jill McCabe received almost 500,000 dollars from the political action committee of Virginia’s Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a highly influential DEM with a rich history tying him to both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Virginia’s DEM Party which is controlled by the same Terry McAuliffe donated an additional $200,000 to support Jill McCabe Senate run in the form of mailers.

It seems like Jeff Sessions is not off the hook just yet. However, as I already told you in a previous piece, I really believe all these to be part of a political kabuki-theater. Jeff Sessions is staying and he’s about to announce multiple swamp-draining investigations. Stay tuned and remember where you read it first.